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About the Digital Humanities Lab:
The Utrecht Digital Humanities Lab aims to further the study and development of digital methods and technologies for research and teaching in the humanities.The Lab’s working area is not limited to the Faculty of Humanities, but affects every humanistic field at the university, including for instance medical history and the history of science.
Digital Humanities ‘Utrecht style’:

  • explores the cultural and social impact of new media and information technologiesand the challenges they pose
  • exploits and applies these technologies to model different research domains in the humanities
  • focuses on the development, design and support of technical infrastructure for research in the humanities

An aggregate effect is produced in the combination and confrontation of these three areas of expertise and development.

Staff (for credentials: click on picture)

José de Kruif, Teamleader

Julian Gonggrijp, Developer

Alex Hebing, Developer

Sheean Spoel, Developer

Berit Janssen, Developer

Robert Loeber, Developer

Jelte van Boheemen, Developer

Janneke van der Zwaan, Escience engineer

Dafne van Kuppevelt, Escience engineer

Koen Haenen, Intern