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Nature or Nurture? A Search for the Institutional and Biological Determinants of Life Expectancy in Europe during the Early Modern Period

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Project Leader: Tine de Moor
Financier: NWO, VIDI
Partners: Clio Infra Project
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One of the major challenges for Western society today is to deal with the demographic balance between young and old. The increasingly aging population creates a number of problems which need to be dealt with urgently: how long can elderly work? And to what extent can they keep taking care of themselves? Can the current pension-model be sustained? To what extent can elderly rely on market and state for support? Are there other possible support models? To arrive at a new balance, it is imperative to understand the underlying mechanisms that led to today’s situation. This project looks at this ‘elderly puzzle’, and does so from a long-term perspective on the biological, institutional, and life-cycle factors that have led to the present-day outcome.