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Wired Up: Digital Media as Innovative Socialization Practices for Migrant Youth


Project Leader: Sandra Ponzanesi, Mariëtte de Haan
Financier: CvB UU-High Potential
Partners: VanderBilt University, USA
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Migrancy, central to this program, embeds many of the local and global paradoxes that also pertain to digital media with their compression of space and time. However, the link between the two fields is still under-theorised and is in need of more situated and comparative research. Bridging approaches from the humanities and social science, the primary aim of the project is to develop new conceptual tools and an innovative methodological approach that will allow us to monitor, evaluate and assess the socio-cultural specificities of the interaction between youth and digital media in a comparative perspective (migrants versus native utch, Moroccan migrants in the Netherlands versus Mexican migrants in the USA, female versus male).