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Digital Humanities Lab

Tailor-made tools

Seven developers at the Digital Humanities Lab offer IT support by building tools for targeted research. After several successful calls (see portfolio), we decided to offer submission on a continuous basis.

Please send an email to digitalhumanities@uu.nl to request the application form and explanatory notes. Completed forms can also be returned to this address. You may apply for the development of tools such as:

  • a digital tool in support of current research;
  • a digital demo for a research proposal;
  • a website/PHP tool to disclose results of a research database.

How to apply

The Lab tries to help as many people as possible. Therefore, we encourage small requests in line with the developments in the field of Digital Humanities. You are requested to submit the application form (one A4 only) to discuss what problem needs to be solved by the programming job, and:

  • why the programming job is the solution;
  • how urgent the problem is;
  • a target date;
  • the number of programming hours needed.