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24 October 2018
Loughborough University (UK)

Book History Research Network Study Day: The Book in the Digital Age

This study day, held at Loughborough University, will explore the new prospects afforded to book history scholarship by increasingly digital circumstances. It will do so through two types of presentations: 20-minute paper presentations and 15-minute presentations of digital tools of particular interest to book historians. Some questions to explore include, but are not limited to: How do digital technologies contribute to new ways of considering texts and books? How is the format of the printed book changing in response to a demand for digital texts? What is the relationship between print and digital? Who does and does not have access to digital tools and databases related to texts and books? How are new ideas shared, developed, and engaged with using digital tools? How do digital tools facilitate or hinder book history research and textual scholarship? What do digital technologies enhance? What do they obsolesce? How have perceptions of tangible books changed in light of cultural digitisation? Where does the book fit within our digital world? Papers from postgraduate students and early career scholars are particularly welcome. Please send a 250-word abstract and 50-word biography to l.r.henrickson@lboro.ac.uk or rebecca.emmett@plymouth.ac.uk by 22 August 2018. Please specify whether you wish to give a 20-minute paper presentation or a 15-minute digital tool presentation.