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Museomix Edition 2018

Museomix is a lab for reinventing museums. It is an opportunity to mix innovative ideas and people, to think and collaborate. Museomix’s mission is to let people take ownership of…

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Language Technologies and Digital Humanities

The Slovenian Language Technologies Society (SDJT), the Centre for Language Resources and Technologies at the University of Ljubljana (CJVT) and the research infrastructures CLARIN.SI and DARIAH-SI organise the conference “Language Technologies and Digital Humanities”…

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International Digital Curation Conference

The International Digital Curation Conference (IDCC) is an established annual event with a unique place in the digital curation community, reaching out to individuals, organisations and institutions across all disciplines and…

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The Connected Past

Keynotes? Dr. Nathalie Riche (Microsoft Research) and Dr. Matthew Peeples (Arizona State University) Deadline call for papers: 14 May2018 How do social networks evolve over very long time-scales? How did…

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