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Language Technology for eLearning

Project Leader: Paola Monachesi Financier: EU Project website Given the huge amount of static and dynamic content created for eLearning tasks, the major challenge for extending their use is to…

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Between Logic and Common Sense – The Formal Semantics of Words

Project Leader: Yoad Winter Financier: NWO-VICI Project website This interdisciplinary research program studies new directions in the analysis of the interface between formal semantics, psycholinguistics and computational linguistics. Three issues…

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Dutch Songs On Line

Project Leaders: Louis Grijp, Dieuwke van der Poel, Els Stronks Financier: NWO Partners: Meertens Instituut, René van Stipriaen (DBNL), Ad Leerintveld (KB) Project website The Dutch Song Database (Nederlandse Liederenbank…

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GATE – Game Research for Training and Entertainment

Project Leader: Joost Raessens Financier: NWO Partners: Utrecht School of the Arts, TNO, Twente University, Delft University of Technology, Waag Society, NederlandBreedbandLand and Thale Project website It is always difficult…

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TROVe – The Transmedia Observatory

Project Leader: Sonja de Leeuw, Jasmijn van Gorp, Eva Baaren Financier: CLARIAH Partners: Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, UVA More info This project delivers a search engine that enables…

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