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Opening of the Living Lab Digital Humanities

The Living Lab Digital Humanities is a physical “workshop” for digital research and education. Researchers, teachers, data experts and software experts can meet, collaborate and exchange knowledge here. The Living Lab also provides opportunities for training and workshops. We want the Living Lab to be a lively meeting place, where people with different expertise come…

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PDI-SSH Call Digitale Infrastructuur 2021

Vanuit het SSH-veld bestaat een sterke wens om een deel van de middelen voor het sectorplan SSH van het Ministerie van Onderwijs, Cultuur en Wetenschap (OCW) gericht in te zetten voor een domeinbreed plan rond digitale SSH. Daarvoor heeft het SSH-beraad – een vertegenwoordiging van het SSH-veld – initiatief genomen tot oprichting van het Platform…

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UU funding for development of ADS and AI courses with professionals

The Utrecht Education Incentive Fund (USO) funded the project “Education with Professionals”, led by Peter van der Heijden (Social and Behavioural Sciences) and Arnold Wilts (Law, Economics and Governance) (250K euro). Education with Professionals A large part of this project consists of the development of Data Science and AI courses with professionals (life long learning). It is…

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Invitation: Opening of the Living Lab Digital Humanities

This May 20, at 4:00 p.m., we will open the Digital Humanities Living Lab in the Inner City University Library. We hereby cordially invite you to attend this opening online. If you want to attend, please register using this form. What is the Living Lab Digital Humanities?The Living Lab Digital Humanities is a physical “workshop”…

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Poster & Demo session ‘Semi-Automatic Analysis of Spontaneous Language’

DHLab developer Jelte van Boheemen and prof. Jan Odijk will give a poster presentation/demo session titled ‘Semi-Automatic Analysis of Spontaneous Language’ at the Language Science Day 2021, which will be held on April 16. This year the event will be hosted by UiL OTS and the Centre for Digital Humanities at Utrecht University. The theme…

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Language Science & Digital Humanities Day

The Language Science Day organized annually by the Utrecht institute of Linguistics OTS (UiL OTS) will be co-hosted this year by the Centre for Digital Humanities (CDH), both at Utrecht University. The theme of this year’s edition is “Language Science and Digital Humanities”. This Language Science and Digital Humanities Day will be held on Friday,…

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UU Applied Data Science Call for interfaculty research projects

The focus area Applied Data Science at Utrecht University again provides funding to finance research projects within the Special Interest Groups of Applied Data Science (5K euro per project). The total available budget is 30K. The present call (deadline 15 May 2021) is intended to financially support interfaculty initiatives (UU and UMCU) that fit within the…

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CfP: CLARIAH Fellowship

CLARIAH opens a fellowship call. Two kinds of fellowship are distinguished: Research Fellowships and Teaching Fellowships.  Research Fellowship In a Research Fellowship, a researcher (the CLARIAH Research Fellow) carries out a small research project based on an explicitly formulated research question by using data and/or software that are already part of  the CLARIAH infrastructure.  Teaching Fellowship…

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CfP: Interdepartmental Human-centered AI projects

To support collaborative interdisciplinary research in the field of artificial intelligence, the focus area Human-centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI) provides small grants for a variety of interdepartmental projects. Researchers from Utrecht University are called upon to submit project proposals with a focus on research on Artificial Intelligence. Applications should be directed to one or more of the…

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