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Artechne on Vimeo

ARTECHNE makes short film For the Artechne project the DH Lab successfully ported an existing database of manuscripts and recipes to a more modern look and added new options for querying the database (e.g. faceted search, GIS). Now, the ARTECHNE research project produced a short introduction film about the project.

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Moeder(taal) Int(ernationaal)

The app details common problems with learning a specific language from different mother tongues, and includes suggestions for exercises for teachers.

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Two new developers join the Digital Humanities Lab: Robert Loeber

I studied psychology at the University of Amsterdam in the early nineties and had some jobs as a journalist, among others at a local Amsterdam newspaper. Music always interested me (playing flute and saxophone, classical and jazz), so I took up a fulltime music study at the Utrecht High School of Arts (HKU). Here I…

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Two new developers join the Digital Humanities Lab: Jelte van Boheemen

I obtained a bachelor degree in Artificial Intelligence at Utrecht University. During this training I came into contact with digital solutions for humanities problems. While studying for my master’s degree in Applied Cognitive Psychology, I focused primarily on research about the internet: where are the limits and where are the possibilities? I feel that I…

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Nameface for Drongo

An application with which the hypothesis that we can we guess peoples’ first names based on their faces with higher probability than pure chance.

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Bridging the Gap: Digital Humanities and the Arabic-Islamic corpus

The longue durée analysis of conceptual history in the Islamic world is a largely unexplored field of research. This project seeks  to make pioneering forays into the vast corpus of digitised Arabic texts that has become available in the last decade. This is done along the lines of four case studies, each of which examines a…

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