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Digital cartography of new materialism

A fine example of the reciprocity  of research and digital tools. The client Evelien Geerts writes:  “With this digital critical cartography, a creative representation of situated findings concerning contemporary new…

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Fieldnotes Gephi Plugin

The Fieldnotes Gephi Plugin was built for the Datafied Society platform. Gephi is a much used graph visualization and analysis platform that is quite easy to use.  Fieldnotes is a…

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Panel Randomizer

For the ERC-funded ROCKY project, participants are requested to fill in LimeSurvey surveys to perform various linguistic judgement tasks. At the Digital Humanities Lab we have developed a set of…

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Funerary Inscriptions of Jews from Italy.

Funerary Inscriptions of Jews from Italy. Is an interface for a database that contains over 800 Jewish epitaphs, dating to the 2nd – 11th century CE, from Rome and Southern…

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Extensions to the GrETEL Treebank Query Application

DH Lab developer Sheean Spoel added extensions to an existing treebank query application (GrETEL). These extensions address user needs expressed by multiple linguistic researchers and include facilities for uploading one’s…

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Nameface voor Drongo.

Kunnen we iemands voornaam raden bij het zien van zijn of haar gezicht? Sommige onderzoekers denken dat je voornaam het beeld dat je van jezelf wilt uitstralen, kan beïnvloeden en…

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