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PEACE – Portal of Jewish Funerary Culture

PEACE: a Portal of Epigraphy, Archaeology, Conservation and Education on Jewish Funerary Culture is now in its pilot stage, and provides a broad epigraphic search into Jewish funerary inscriptions from…

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Digital cartography of new materialism

Link to network: Digital cartography of new materialisms Client: Evelien Geerts DHLab development: Alex Hebing & José de Kruif PhD project: “Materialist philosophies grounded in the here and now. Critical…

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Fieldnotes Gephi Plugin

The Fieldnotes Gephi Plugin was built for the Datafied Society platform. Gephi is a much used graph visualization and analysis platform that is quite easy to use.  Fieldnotes is a…

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Panel Randomizer

For the ERC-funded ROCKY project, participants are requested to fill in LimeSurvey surveys to perform various linguistic judgement tasks. At the Digital Humanities Lab we have developed a set of…

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Funerary Inscriptions of Jews from Italy

‘Funerary Inscriptions of Jews from Italy’ is an interface for a database that contains over 800 Jewish epitaphs, dating to the 2nd – 11th century CE, from Rome and Southern…

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