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Wrap Up Project Bridging the Gap

Dr. Dafne van Kuppevelt and dr. Janneke van der Zwaan were our guest-engineers during the past months. They developed a web-based application that provides easy access to existing Arabic corpora. The…

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Language Dynamics in the Dutch Golden Age

Project leader: Marjo van Koppen & Feike Dietz Financier: NWO Developers: Digital Humanities Lab, CLARIAH & Nederlab Partners: Utrecht Univeristy More info The vibrant political, religious and cultural atmosphere of the…

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ShiCo: Mining Shifting Concepts through Time

Project leaders: Joris van Eijnatten, Jaap Verheul Financier: NLeSC More info ShiCo is about developing a repurposable tool that enables humanities researchers to mine the historical development of concepts and…

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Annotated Books Online (ABO)

Project Leader: Arnoud Visser Financier: NWO-Internationalisering Partners: Prof. Anthony Grafton (Princeton), Prof. Lisa Jardine (Queen Mary London), Jurgen Pieters (Gent), Garrelt Verhoeven (Amsterdam) Project website Reading is a crucial form…

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