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28 May 2021
15:00 - 16:15
MS Teams

CDH Webinar: ‘Mediating sustainable cities: a methodological approach’, by Paola Monachesi

Speaker – Dr. Paola Monachesi: I present a podcast series under development focusing on my research which takes a media and communication approach to urban sustainable development. It focuses on social behaviour analysed on the basis of communication arising from social media data. I claim that data ownership is key to digital and environmental sustainability.

In the talk I present the computational methodology I have proposed to an analysis of social media data that exploits the linguistic, communicative and relational characteristics of the users. I focus on two communities: creative migrants and elderly. I have developed an innovative methodology that combines a language analysis of geotagged data with a quantitative investigation of communicative patterns through social network analysis. In order to reveal the more implicit meaning of the data, I combine this quantitative analysis with a qualitative, thematic analysis in a novel mixed-method approach based on an explanatory sequential emergent design.

We will listen to 3 podcasts of about 10-15 mins addressing the methodology. There will be ample space to ask questions and have a debate about the approach, results of the analysis and  the relation between digital and environmental sustainability. Furthermore, there will be the possibility to comment and give feedback to the podcast series as a tool to make scientific results available to a broader public as well as an educational instrument.

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