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12 February 2021
15:00 - 16:15
MS Teams, for all those interested

Centre for Digital Humanities Webinar ‘Principles of Statistical Analysis’

You are cordially invited to join the upcoming Centre for Digital Humanities Webinar “Principles of Statistical Analysis”. This edition will be held on 12 February from 15:00 – 16.15 and will be presented by Hugo Quené, professor in Quantitative Methods of Empirical Research in the Humanities at Utrecht University.  


Please register before February 11th by sending an email to j.briggeman@uu.nl, stating your name, email address and affiliation.


Following the “empirical turn”, and with “big data” becoming widely available in many shapes and forms, many disciplines have turned towards quantitative or statistical methods to make meaning from data. Rather than offering yet another introduction to statistics, in this talk Hugo Quené will present a few major principles underlying statistical analysis in general. Among these principles are the following. Data are sampled, and data vary systematically and randomly, as described by rules of probability. Because of this variation, exploratory statistical techniques, and statistical tests of significance, may produce misleading results. The researcher’s skilled interpretation of a study and of its statistical results is always required. If all goes well, statistical analysis results in a statistical model, which captures essential patterns in the data, and which predicts new data accurately. These key principles of statistical analysis allow researchers to give meaning to data.