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Charting the Digital: Digital Mapping Practices as New Media Cultures

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Project Leaders: Sybille Lammes, Nanna Verhoef
Financier: European Research Council (ERC)
Partners: University of Warwick
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Digital maps allow a greater degree of interaction between users and mapping interfaces that analogue maps do. Instead of just reading maps, users have far more influence on how maps look. Whether a navigation device that adjusts its route-display according to where the chooses to go, or a map in a computer-game that is partly created by players, maps have become more interactive and are now co-produced by their users.
This project investigates what this shift entails. It conducts a comparative analysis of a broad spectrum of digital mapping devices: in relation to (a) each other; (b) traditional cartography; (c) to other media forms that are concerned with mapping and navigation. We want to examine how digital maps can be simultaneously understood as new media, technologies and cartographies. Through a unique combination of perspectives from new media studies, science and technology studies and human geography, this study will draw together these three main theoretical coordinates that ‘make up’ digital maps.