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The DHL-Family is growing!

The Digital Humanities Lab welcomes three new colleagues!

Sheean Spoel

Recently I’ve made the transition working as a software developer in business to working as one for the Digital Humanities Lab. I’ve studied computer science and linguistics at the University of Amsterdam. And at the lab I hope to help in connecting the dots between the technical (in)capabilities and the requirements from the humanities. After work I spend much of my time on renovating my house: an older house from the 1940’s which was thoroughly ‘modernised’ in the 1970’s. I also occupy myself with learning Russian, so feel free to exchange some словами (=words) when you drop by! I also frequently play board games with friends. Finally I try to practice the visual arts, if there is any time left. Be it with a pencil, brush, press or camera, I always enjoy putting some of my creativity on paper or screen


Berit Janssen

Berit Janssen is a computational musicologist. She almost finished her dissertation on the variation of Dutch folk songs at the Meertens Institute, and the Institute for Language, Logic and Computation of the University of Amsterdam. She started at the Digital Humanities Lab of Utrecht University to follow her passion – humanities research with new technologies – from the perspective of a developer.


Gerson Foks

Before I started working at the Digital Humanities Lab I studied Software Science at the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven. During my education I’ve gained a lot of experience in programming and developing while working for a start-up.

I enjoy the opportunity to use my experience and qualities to create ICT-solutions to facilitate the research projects in the Humanities. When I’m not working you can find me in the boulder-hall, or at home playing the (bass) guitar.