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DHLab developers present Poster on GrETEL at DH-Benelux 2018

Sheean Spoel, Gerson Foks and applicant Jan Odijk present a poster at the Digital Humanities Benelux 2018 congress on the extensions of the Treebank Query Application GrETEL and the Treebank Editor TrEd.  Treebanks have proved to be crucial resources for very important NLP applications, such as machine translation and information extraction, as well as supporting resources for various NLP tasks, such as high-quality parsing and POS tagging.

DHLab Developers Sheean Spoel and Gerson Foks added extensions to an existing treebank query application (GrETEL). These extensions address user needs expressed by multiple linguistic researchers and include facilities for uploading one’s own data and metadata. Conversion and cleaning modules for uploading data in CHAT format were added. The extensions also offer new facilities for analysing the results of treebank queries in terms of data, metadata and combinations of those. This new version of GrETEL builds on the work of Martijn van der Klis and is directed by the applicant prof. dr. Jan Odijk.