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Digital cartography of new materialism

A fine example of the reciprocity  of research and digital tools. The client Evelien Geerts writes:  “With this digital critical cartography, a creative representation of situated findings concerning contemporary new materialist thought, without however ‘trapping’ these mapped out stellar constellations and interlinkages in a fixating logics of representation or ‘tracing’, is depicted. While collaborating with Utrecht University’s Digital Humanities Lab’s team, I realized that a network-focused depiction of several new materialisms, their most important authors and key concepts, would make an interesting addition to this dissertation project (Evelien Geerts, “Materialist philosophies grounded in the here and now. Critical new materialist constellations & interventions in times of terror(ism),” unpublished dissertation, Santa Cruz: UC Santa Cruz, 2019, see my academia.edu for more detailed information), as such a ‘lively’ digital depiction would focus on the complex intra-actions between various new materialist strands of thought.”

Client: Evelien Geerts

DHLab development:
Alex Hebing
José de Kruif