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Digital Humanities minor

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For students that want to get acquainted with the most recent developments in the field of humanities research and digitalization, and that want to gain some basic knowledge of, and skills in the technological aspects underlying these developments, the Utrecht Digital Humanities Group offers a minor Digital Humanities, which consists of a broad and exploratory set of courses.

The minor deals with the objects of humanistic study that arise with the advent of new media, like digital television, serious gaming, the digital book, and also ethical behavior in digital and online environments, the language of text-messaging, translation software, and other forms of human-machine interaction.logo uu

In addition, attention will be paid to the changes that the practice of doing research is undergoing due to digitalization. By means of text mining techniques, for example, patterns in (historical) texts and corpora that were up to now invisible can be detected. Also, with the new digital research tools, historical and economical developments and changes in musical and literary styles can be concisely represented and analyzed.

The minor, the courses of which will be mostly taught in Dutch, is specifically meant for second and third year students from the entire faculty of Humanities, that

1. have an affinity with, but not necessarily proven skills in, digital technology, with a specific interest in the applications of digital technology in the humanities
2. have the usual level of digital literacy (acquired by actively using digital media)
3. are prepared to develop their computational skills, and take note of the basic concepts in information studies.

Click here for more information on the Digital Humanities minor and a course schedule (in Dutch)