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Medieval Memoria Online – Commemoration of the dead in the Netherlands until 1580


Project Leader: Truus van Bueren
Financier: NWO
Partners: VU Amsterdam, University of Groningen, DANS.
Project website

Medieval Memoria Online entails the creation of a freely accessible database with inventories and descriptions of a number of sources concerning the commemoration of the dead (memoria). This database was created on the basis of various cataloguing projects from the period 1990-2005. The database, which is available online, aims to help scholars in carrying out research into memoria during the period up to the Reformation (c. 1580) in the area that is the present-day country of the Netherlands. The database is also intended for local historians, genealogists and heraldists, museum curators, teachers, pupils and students, and the general public with an interest in history, art and culture.