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Nameface for Drongo

Applicant Dr. ir. Gerrit Bloothooft
Developers Gerson Foks

Can we guess someone’s first name by seeing their face? Some researchers think that your first name can influence the image you want to portray of yourself, and that you therefore reveal your first name not only through your clothes but also through your face. Others think that the physical possibilities for this are too small and certainly do not reveal your first name. Gerson Foks built an application with which the hypothesis could be tested at the DRONGO language festival. A number of faces were shown with four first names to choose from. A random choice provides a 25% chance of a correct hit. If the hypothesis is correct and people have a good intuition based on the face, then this chance is higher. But the result also depends on the names between which one can choose.  The applicant Gerrit Bloothooft explains here again what the intention is.