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New Book by Koen Leurs: Digital Passages. Migrant Youth 2.0

Increasingly, young people live online, with the vast majority of their social and cultural interactions conducted through means other than face-to-face conversation. How does this transition impact the ways in which young migrants understand, negotiate, and perform identity? That’s the question taken up by Dr. Koen Leurs‘ new book Digital Passages: Migrant Youth 2.0, a ground-breaking analysis of the ways that youth culture online interacts with issues of diaspora, gender, and belonging.media_leursKoen

“Nothing else has been published on these topics that can match the rigour and insight of Koen Leurs’ innovative book. Neither cheerleader nor nay sayer, he blasts apart every over simple assumption about social media in the everyday life of these marginalised and misunderstood young Dutch people.”
– Paul Gilroy, Professor of American and English Literature at King’s College London

Drawing on surveys, in-depth interviews, and ethnography, Leurs builds an interdisciplinary portrait of online youth culture and the spaces it opens up for migrant youth to negotiate power relations and to promote intercultural understanding.