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Applicants: Manuela Pinto and Shalom Zuckerman Developer: Julian Gonggrijp Press Release Manuela Pinto and Shalom Zuckerman have been in need of a friendly, unbiased way to test how children and bilinguals…

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Project Leader: Sjef Barbiers Financiers: NWO, KNAW, CLARIAH, CLARIN Partners: KNAW, Meertens instituut, INL Project website Digitale historische teksten worden nu nog op allerlei verschillende plaatsen, door verschillende instellingen en…

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Project Leader: Sjef Barbiers Financier: KNAW Partners: Meertens Institute More info The MIMORE tool enables researchers to investigate morphosyntactic variation in the Dutch dialects by searching three related databases with…

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Language Technology for eLearning

Project Leader: Paola Monachesi Financier: EU Project website Given the huge amount of static and dynamic content created for eLearning tasks, the major challenge for extending their use is to…

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The Afranaph Project

Project Leader: Alexis Dimitriadis, Ken Safir Financier: NSF Partner: Rutgers Project website The main goal of the Afranaph Project, as it is presently constituted, is to develop rich descriptions of…

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