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Persistent Forking

Applicants: Stefan Werning Developer: Julian Gonggrijp Links: Homepage Broncode Analytical Game Design Dutch – Nederlands Onlangs is het project Analytical Game Design opgeleverd door het DH Lab. De tool was…

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Applicants: Mariëtte van den Hoven Developer: Julian Gonggrijp Links: Homepage Press Release Dutch Press Release English According to the daycare collective agreement, more attention should be paid to ethical reflection….

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Thematical Networks

Applicants: Iris van der Tuin Developer: Martijn van der Klis Links: Source Code The 1920s (also known as the “Roaring Twenties”) seem to be relived in this day and age, with…

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CfH Lectures Video Archives

Applicants: Tobijn de Graauw Developer: Martijn van der Klis Links: CfH HomepageSource Code   By organizing various events, the Centre for Humanities has collected a large set of lectures by leading…

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Applicants: Manuela Pinto and Shalom Zuckerman Developer: Julian Gonggrijp Press Release Manuela Pinto and Shalom Zuckerman have been in need of a friendly, unbiased way to test how children and bilinguals…

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Applicant: Dorien Nieuwenhuijsen Developer: Julian Gonggrijp Homepage: CorpusScraper Online text corpuses like those from byu.edu enable you to search for a word and have each hit neatly displayed in context….

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Applicant: Mike Olson Developer: Martijn van der Klis Homepage: HisTEI Links: NLTK, Oxygen XML Editor, TEI HisTEI is an open-source framework for the Oxygen XML Editor that allows historians and historical linguists to…

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Applicants: Tine de Moor and Corry Gellatly Developed by: Martijn van der Klis Links: Homepage, Laravel Genealogical data collected by laymen can be a rich source for social-economical historical research. Applicant prof….

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