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The Afranaph Project


Project Leader: Alexis Dimitriadis, Ken Safir
Financier: NSF
Partner: Rutgers
Project website

The main goal of the Afranaph Project, as it is presently constituted, is to develop rich descriptions of a wide range of African languages in order to serve the interests of linguistic research into the nature and distribution of empirical patterns in natural language. The first project of its website, and still the one that is the mainstay of the research, has been to explore the distribution of anaphoric morphology and interpretation, but recent initiatives to expand the role of our empirical investigations to other sorts of linguistic phenomena have resulted in sister projects, autonomous, but linked to Afranaph in spirit, by infrastructure, and with respect to a common database (see Afranaph Sisters). Also, the project aims at the expansion of sister projects and to develop new ones, while integrating access to all the data collected by the sister projects, both language internally and crosslinguistically.