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UPLOAD – Urban Politics of London Youth Analyzed Digitally

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Project Leader: Koen Leurs
Financier: EU – Marie Curie IEF Intra-European Fellowship
Partners: London School of Economics and Political Science
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This project investigates the lived experience of cultural difference among young Londoners (between 12-18 years) of different cultural backgrounds. Taking a comparative approach, it focuses on the networked belonging of youths from lower-class (often more multicultural) and upper-class (often more homogeneous) London boroughs on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. As digital practices have become a significant part of their life, it is urgent to achieve greater insights in whether their use of Internet applications corroborates pan-European sentiments of failed multiculturalism and ethnic segregation or whether their experiences rather showcase conviviality, cross-cultural exchange and cultural hybridisation. Thus far, the ways in which diverse ethnic/gender/religious identities digitally encounter, negotiate and appropriate one another across online/offline spaces have remained understudied.