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Webinar SIG Text Mining: ‘What is Text Mining and what are its applications?’ Introducing Utrecht data science summer courses on text mining

Given the rapid rate at which text data are being digitally gathered in many domains of science, there is growing need for automated tools that can analyse, classify, and interpret this kind of data. Text mining techniques can be applied to create a structured representation of text, making its content more accessible for researchers. Applications of text mining are everywhere: social media, web search, advertising, emails, customer service, healthcare, marketing, etc.

Besides discussing the applications of text mining, in this lecture, given by Ayoub Bagheri, we will discuss definitions of text mining, natural language processing and discuss their challenges and relations to machine learning, deep learning and linguistics. There will also be a brief introduction of two new courses about Text Mining at Utrecht Summer School.

Two DLab team members are involved in teaching in the summer school programme, José de Kruif (introduction to text mining with R) and Berit Janssen (applied text mining).