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10 - 11 September 2019
09:00 - 17:00
SURF Hoog Catharijne Utrecht

Workshop Good practices for machine learning

Machine learning has become a hugely popular topic in the last years. Everybody is talking about it and it has shown to be very helpful for different purposes. However, which are the potential benefits of machine learning applied to research? And how can machine learning methods get to be an integral part of a software project? This workshop will provide an answer to these questions.

In particular, you will get an overview of good practices that will help you start your open source software project. You will get some insight on helpful tools for unit testing, package management, continuous i

ntegration and containerisation.

On the second day you will get familiar with the basics of machine learning and get advice on how to use different support libraries to build your own software project. The theory on the different types of learning will be mixed with hands-on exercises using Jupyter notebooks, which run on the systems at SURFsara.

For whom?

For researchers who would like to improve their computational skills. For this workshop you should have at least a basic level of programming experience (preferably in Python).